Carpet Cleaning

We at MaxCleaner take great pride in the craftsmanship and skill level of our workers, the expertise and professionalism they bring to each project and the detail with which they go about every visit they make. For your comfort and security we also have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers every aspect of our interaction, from the visit of the cleaning crew to the handling of furniture and carpets, you can be sure that you and your belongings will be in safe hands. At the lowest rates around it’s a mistake not to call 020 3746 3207 and book a visit.

Benefits of professional carpet cleaning in West London

As mentioned above, our expert cleaners come prepared for any scenario, and with many health benefits, carpet cleaning is one of their specialties. If you order it now, you not only will enjoy freshly cleaned carpets, but also see:

  • Full dust and grime extraction
  • No more dirt particles embedded into the fibers
  • Completely conditioned carpet materials
  • Return of the colours
  • Fiber dirt accumulation protection

And a lot more, if you are curious and want to acquire about more benefits that MaxCleaner’s carpet cleaning can offer, simply give our 24/7 customer support team a call at 020 3746 3207 and they will make sure to answer sufficiently.

Carpet Cleaning London

Service details

As far as cleaning goes, we do have an answer to every stain and carpet condition possible, unless heavily damaged, our crew can quickly and safely extract any staining, rejuvenate colours and textures of your carpet and make sure you get the carpet cleaning experience that you deserve.

Scotchgard protection – is a specialised conditioner that is used as an after clensing treatment that helps seal the fresh results in and protect the fibers of your wall-to-wall carpeting clean for a longer period of time. It is a great dirt accumulation prevention detergent that has a long lasting effect. It conditions and rejuvenates the freshness the materials, while also helping it deter any dust and grime. If previously applied, our technicians will have an easier time clearing out any debris and soiling as Scotchgard also makes it a lot easier and safer to clean.

Dry cleaning – gives us the ability to quickly and gently remove wet and dry stains – anything from pet urine, to food colouring, tea and coffee stains and even industrial fluids like headlight fluid, engine grease, tar and so on. Because it uses a dry compound, there is no drying time, no moisture or heat making it perfect for treating more delicate materials like cotton. After applied and brushed into the base of the carpet, our technician will wait 15 minutes for the dust to settle and do its magic on the staining, after which he will extract it with our professional vacuum cleaner. This leaves you with a clean and refreshed carpet that can be used straight away.

Steam cleaning – handles the stress of hard to remove stains like no other, this is why we it has a wide application when it comes to stain and odours extraction. A high pressure steam jet is used to blast away anything in its path, with a high temperature that can kill off harmful bacteria and odour producing microbes. Due to the power of this procedure, we use it on woolen and synthetic materials as they can react best to heat.

Booking our services

Call 020 3746 3207 and schedule a visit from our team, at the lowest prices around it’s a sin not to give us a try. Remember to receive your free price estimation and while on the line ask our 24/7 customer support crew about current prices and deals. Call us today!