Hard Floor Cleaning

Regular foot traffic, furniture moving and even the stresses of everyday living can put quite a lot of stress on even the most durable hard floor type. We at MaxClean, a leading provider of professional hard floor cleaning in West London and its surrounding areas, have found several methods that have proven to be very effective in rejuvenating and protecting the precious colours and strength of all hard floor types – from wood to natural stone and even granite, we can treat and clean them all. For more information continue reading bellow.

Benefits of professional hard floor cleaning in West London

From protecting the gloss finish of some synthetic and natural materials, to the removal of staining and discolorations, our expert service can serve as an all round hard floor care bundle, with this come different benefits, like:

  • Increased home value
  • No more foot traffic marks
  • Spotless, immaculate floor surfaces
  • Full discoloration treatment
  • Complete bacteria and fungus extraction

Have a look at other of the benefit this service has to offer by calling our team over at 020 3746 3207 and asking.

Hard Floor Cleaner

Service information

Floor buffing – is necessary, mandatory treatment that can easily prolong the life of your flooring, at a small cost. With usage, your floors accumulate small abrasions, the very same way faces accumulate wrinkles. These abrasions, during time, can house small life forms and bacteria, the byproduct of which is an acid that east through the material, slowly but surely.


This can not only affect the otherwise pleasant aesthetics of your flooring, but also compromise its strength and ultimately result in the need for expensive replacement. Why go through all of this when there’s a simple solution, regular buffing, can removal abrasions and already existing bacteria in said abrasions quite successfully. With a fine paste we can buff any floor type and do it with no chance of discolorations or damage.


Wooden hard floor cleaning – has a special place in every cleaners’ heart. This procedure is a special conjunction of knowledge and the right tools, as wood can be very susceptible to swelling and cracking, we use the best in wood treatment detergents and machinery. Depending on the issue at hand our cleaners will either do a machine assisted clean or a manual, hard cleaning, again, depending on the condition and age of your flooring. If there is a protective finish, we will treat that to make sure it stays strong and protects the wood from moisture, if not, we can apply some only if previously specified.

Booking MaxClean’s special service

Give our expert cleaners a call and we will do our best to fir you in the most convenient and suitable time and date slot. By calling 020 3746 3207 you will not only get a good service, but also receive information on future discounts and deals as well as receive a free price estimation. Try out our instant chat system where you can ask any hard floor cleaning questions, and the same 24/7 team will be sure to address it.