Rug Cleaning

Rugs can last for a long period of time if kept well and taken care of properly, with expensive and exotic Persian and Turkish rugs it can be easy to imagine the desire to have them in their price condition at all times. This is where our expert team of rug cleaners comes in, with 10 years of experience and more than 50 specialised detergents, we can clean and treat discolorations with a precision. To further benefit our clients, we also have a comprehensive insurance that keeps your belongings safe and secure from harm.

Benefits of booking our services

Our specialised service has many health benefits, including lower pollen and allergen levels, no more dusty rooms or harmful bacteria and a serious reduction in asthma and respiratory complications. You will also be glad to know that the service also:

  • Uses no hazardous detergents
  • All bio-degradable ingredients
  • Natural fresh smell to all surfaces
  • Professionally conditioned expensive Turkish rugs
  • Softer rug fibers

Be sure to contact our team over at 020 3746 3207 and ask some other benefits professional rug cleaning in West London can give you.

Rug Cleaning

Service explanation

Having worked in the filed we’ve felt the need for well rounded treatments that can cover every aspect of proper, safe rug care. This is why we’ve started implementing and improving upon some of the most effective treatments in the filed, namely:

Steam cleaning – is used on synthetic and woolen materials that can withstand the power of this otherwise very effective procedure. High pressure steam is injected into the base of the fibers of your rug so it can react with the stain. If an older condition, our technicians will pre-treat it so it loosens up its grip with the fibers, after which it blasted way by the dirt cutting power of the steam. High temperatures kill off any harmful and odour creating bacterium, making your synthetic and woolen rugs a safe place for even the most sensitive people. We take away 95% of the moisture used in the cleaning process, which leaves a small percentage to be air dried, usually an open window would suffice.

Dry cleaning – gives no chance to stains and discolorations, marketed as one of the most flexible options in a cleaner’s arsenal, dry cleaning can be used on synthetic and natural fibers, without the chance of any water and heat damage. It is especially valued when dealing with sensitive materials found in Persian and Turkish rugs, such as silk and cotton. The dry substance allows for no drying time, while at the same time keeping the effectiveness sought by our MaxClean professional cleaners.

Booking our professional rug cleaning services

Scheduling our visit can be done by contacting us on 020 3746 3207 or by submitting a filled in booking form located on our website. One of our 24/7 cutomer support representatives will contact you and helo you set up the most suitable time and date. While on the line ask about the free quotes we are giving out as well as other deals and offers. Call today and get the best value cleaning in West London.