Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery care in West London should not be overlooked, as there can be many health benefits to a clean couch or a sofa. Its MaxCleaner’s main priority to ensure the safety and well-being of your family, by using only the best in eco-friendly and bio-degradable detergents, that are allergen free and can in fact act as a drug-free allergy relief. All 50 specialized detergents we use adhere to the standards as set by the REACH act of 2004 as well as all EU and UK laws. To know more about what all of this means, call 020 3746 3207 and ask our 24/7 customer care crew.

Benefits of booking professional upholstery cleaning in West London

As mentioned above, there can be many health benefits, from asthma and allergy relief, to easier breathing, no stuffy noses and much more, we also aim to deliver you with the best upholstery cleaning possible, and you’d be glad to know that the services will also deliver:

  • No more dust mites or be bugs
  • Fresh smelling upholstered furniture
  • Conditioned and protected textiles
  • No colour bleeding or damage
  • Quick drying treatments

Feel free to acquire about more of the benefits that upholstery cleaning has, by calling 020 3746 3207.

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Service details

Mattress cleaning – is focused on the proper cleaning of bed and other furniture mattresses. From stain removal and odour extraction, to bed bug and dust mite extermination, this service covers a wide range of home care needs and can be a great ally against discomfort. We use a specialised UV light that penetrates all layers of the mattress, effectively killing every living bug inside of it, without having to use any harmful to humans and pets detergents.

Curtain cleaning – this is a cleaning for all kinds of curtains and draperies that remove the stains, bad odour and the dust from the fabrics. In case you have blinds, we can take care of them too. Our cleaners are qualified to perfectly clean your curtains and window shades. WE use only non-toxic and safe for children and pets cleaning detergents.

Leather sofa cleaning – is our niche treatment of natural and synthetic leather upholsteries. A team of experts in the field is dispatched, armed with the best equipment and detergents in the field. Depending on the condition and age of the leather, we can fix cracks, fully extract ware and tare and even fix discolorations. All detergents and equipment are also safe for use around small children and animals and leave no unpleasant odours behind, utilising best of both worlds – effectiveness and safety.

Dry cleaning – is used on the more sensitive textiles such as satin and silk. It uses no moisture or heat giving it a great flexibility, not only due to the 0 drying time, but also because it can be used on all natural and synthetic materials. With the power to treat food coloring stains, accumulate dirt and dust, the dry cleaning treatment has a very diverse use.

Steam cleaning – has the most potent effect on heavily affected areas of upholstery and mattresses. The high heat output has a sanitising effect, that combined with a specialised detergent can be a great ally in the battle for cleanliness. With being able to battle anything from grease to engine oil, blood, coffee stains, gum, make up and other hard to remove soiling materials. High pressure steam is injected into the affected region while simulations being extracted with a powerful vacuum, the minimum drying time and the effectiveness make this a very good treatment to use when in a tight spot.

Booking our services

This can be done by calling 020 3746 3207 or submitting the easy to fill out booking form located on the site. We offer many different discounts and deals, which you can acquire about by asking the 24/7 customer support team. Call today and save on upholstery cleaning in West London.